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As of May 2024, Adam Klein is now the owner and operator of Casting Reality, with full blessings and support from Jodi Wincheski! In May 2023, Jodi added Adam as a partner, and over the last year, she has taught Adam everything she knows about reality tv casting from her 11 years of experience as a casting producer. Adam has been successfully coaching on his own with rave reviews for the last few years and I fully trust him in the hands of my clients. Adam is highly motivated and deeply passionate about casting and storytelling, and I know you will be in good hands!

While we consolidate the offerings from Casting Reality and Adam's existing business, please book with Adam at, and let him know that Jodi sent you!


Information, Evaluation, Feedback and Direction



Jodi started her career as a Casting Producer after racing around the world on the cast of The Amazing Race 14. Adam appeared on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X in 2016, winning unanimously, and began working as a casting consultant after appearing on Survivor: Winners at War. Jodi has 11 years of experience working as Casting Producer on shows such as Survivor and The Amazing Race, and Adam is a storytelling expert, with 6 years of experience as a keynote speaker. Both of us have personal experience going through the casting process and work with each client as if it were our own audition. Our goal is to help you make your best audition tape and submission, prepare you for virtual interviews, as well as for in person interviews and finals. We are not looking to change your personality, or make you into something that you are not. We want to discover the best things about you that are applicable to the show you are applying for,  and make sure you are using those discoveries to tell your story in a compelling way. We are excited to help you make a memorable application to the show of your choice, while avoiding the common mistakes seen in most submissions. Our client list will always remain completely confidential!


Jodi was very caring and made the nerve racking process of being cast so laid back in comparison to other casting agents I had dealt with.  When she contacted me about a MAFS spin-off I knew I had to apply!  It was a life changing experience that wouldn't have happened had it not been for Jodi!  She is knowledgeable about the process and will be honest with you from start to finish.  I would highly recommend her!

Brandin Brosh
Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island

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