Casting Producer/Owner 

I've watched every episode of The Amazing Race and I just had to apply. Nothing seemed more fantastic then competing while seeing the world. I made videos twice with 2 different partners and was selected to come to finals twice before being cast on The Amazing Race 14.  After my finale, I was recruited to cast for the CBS show Survivor.  I had watched every episode of that show as well.  I worked on 22 seasons of Survivor over the last 11 years and many seasons of The Amazing Race.  Although working on CBS shows tied up a lot of my year, I have worked on many other shows from new programming to already established. I have experience in a variety of reality shows from dating shows, dramas, competition reality to talent based shows.  I've been in final interviews with the executives who are ultimately choosing the cast.  I've traveled with casts, been on location, and worked live finales.  I have a unique experience to draw from after seeing shows from both in front and behind the camera.  I know what it is like to apply to a show as an applicant and how difficult it is to wait to be contacted.  I understand how much people crave feedback and I am very honest with my critique.  My goal is to learn more about you to pull out your best attributes and stories that will give you your best chance to get an interview.  I am excited to share my past experiences now as a Reality TV Consultant and help applicants fulfill their dreams.

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Casting Producer

 I have been a “super-fan” of reality tv since I was a child. Some of my earliest memories involve my family gathering around to watch Big Brother every summer. After getting cast on Survivor 26, I became very interested in the casting process and was almost immediately recruited to cast for the show once my season aired. Starting at CBS and getting the opportunity to work with Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother kick-started my casting career and since then I have worked all over the US, Australia and England and for almost every major network. I have traveled for filming, spent weeks with contestants at finals, and been on sets for the last seven years. Being in front of the camera before being behind it, I got an amazing opportunity to see what it takes to really show your best self throughout the application process. No two contestants are the same, but there are ways to showcase yourself that may not seem obvious to someone who has not been in the industry for years.  No one has ever accused me of being “too nice,” so I will not hold back with my advice, but I promise you will thank me for it later!

Combined show experience

  • Survivor

  • Survivor (Australia) 

  • The Amazing Race

  • Big Brother

  • The Challenge-WOW (London) 

  • Spy Games

  • Married at First Sight

  • Married at First Sight- Honeymoon Island

  • Singles Island

  • Ready for Love

  • Who Are You? 

  • Ford Focus 

  • 7 Weeks of Sex 

  • iHeart Radio Pride 

  • Graduate Together                              

  • The Disney Family Singalong  

  • PROMathon    

  • Date My Mom                                      

  • May The Best Twin Win

  • Drag My Dad 

  • Dancing With a Stranger  

  • Wrong Distance Relationship  

  • Smash or Dash

  • New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey  

  • Date Night Live

  • $100,000 PYRAMID

  • In Session Live with Dr. Jess               

  • MTV Push Artists to Watch

  • TRL 

  • TRL After Dark

  • Teen Mom: After The Show  

  • Jersey Shore: After The Show

  • The Hills: After The Show              

  • Floribama: After The Show                  

  • A Shore Thing

  • Singled Out  

  • Clean Slate  

  • MANE                                       

  • One Style Fits All                              

  • Winter Break: Hunter Mountain

  • First Dates- (Australia) 

  • The Voice  (Australia) 

  • The Great Australian Spelling Bee